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One Year Kindness Campaign

The 1 Year Kindness Campaign is an anonymous gift you arrange for someone, or for yourself.  Through a series of mailings, the recipient will receive a beautiful, handwritten note card with an inspiring, uplifting positive message/affirmation, at the frequency of your choosing, delivered to their postal mailbox for an entire year.  The messages are in the form of affirmation statements based on the Law of Attraction, designed to get one to shift their thinking to a more optimistic, hopeful perspective, on any and all of the following life topics: inner peace, self-worth, prosperity, health, harmonious relationships, success, dream building and the life one desires....finding one's bliss.






Admit it, it's exciting to receive a personally addressed card via good old-fashioned snail mail!  It makes us feel special and important.  Once your recipient realizes these delightful little messages from the Universe keep coming, the ritual of checking the mailbox will be a fun, feel-good thing to do!



Spread a little sunshine in someone's life for just $2.00 per card.   

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