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A Reflexology Session

Whether you're looking for stress relief, pampering, or healing, you will get all three in a session of reflexology.


Take this "me time" to relax and allow all the stresses of your day to

melt away.  The session begins with a foot cleansing.  You may choose


from a refreshing wipe down of the feet, or a soothing foot soak.  Soft


music plays in the background, but silence is golden if you are looking


for a deeply profound experience. 

Reflexology is not a "foot massage" per se.  It is a system of pressure techniques used on the feet to stimulate all the organs, glands, and parts of the body.  The acupressure work takes up the largest portion of a reflexology session.  But, no "foot work" would be complete without a touch of pampering.  So, the session ends with a wonderful foot massage that will leave you feeling like you're walking on air.  

Only pure and natural foot soaks, essential oils, and lotions are used during the session.   

Reflexology feels like pampering but it's so much more.  Like hidden veggies in a meatloaf, reflexology subtly does a body good.  The foot work feels great on the outside, but more importantly, there are good things happening within.  Your footpath to wellness begins here.

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