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Baby, it's not cold on my reflexology table.

Greetings friends! Exciting day for me, as this is not only my first blog entry on Footpath to Wellness Reflexology's website, but also my first blog EVER!!!

It's the first seriously cold week of the pre-winter here in the Niagara Region.

Calling all snow bunnies, winter adrenaline junkies, and everyone in between.......

When you're done playing in the snow -- or running from it -- why not warm up with a relaxing foot reflexology treatment? One of the major benefits of reflexology is increased blood circulation. When your fingers and toes have been chilled by the wintery weather, reflexology will open up all those constricted blood vessels and flood you with warmth from the inside out. As an added luxury during the cold months, let me "cook up" some warm towels to wrap your tootsies in.

It might be frighteningly cold outside, but the Footpath to Wellness Reflexology space is cozy and warm. Call, text, or email for an appointment.

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