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Your Cells are Always Listening

Hi feet friends!

I've been compelled to post on my rather barren blog by a quote I just read in a book I'm currently reading, by Alexandra Stoddard, called You Are Your Choices. Alexandra states: "If everyone loved himself more, there would be less need for hospitals."

Although I quoted her directly, obviously her sentence should include the pronoun "herself" as well as "himself". But beyond semantics, the gist of her line is profound, so here it is again:

If everyone loved [themselves] more, there would be less need for hospitals.

Your body has the ability to heal itself. Your cells are always listening. So the words you say matter. The thoughts you have affect your health. Your body is a mirror of your thoughts, feelings and inner dialogue. Thoughts and feelings you had in the past and are having now are being reflected in your body. Don't you love knowing this? It means you have the power to be an allower of wellbeing for yourself. Your focus and positive intentions are the two most powerful tools in the entire Universe. Wellbeing and health are your natural state of being. Your body's ability to heal is greater than you have permitted yourself to believe. Tension is your body communicating with you asking for relief. When you keep an open mind and release any limiting beliefs you have about your body, you allow natural wellbeing to flow to you. When you release tension and negative emotion, your health and wellbeing improve immediately.

Confession time: since the American presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were aired in 2016, I have, for the most part been unable to tear myself away from the utter disaster that is the Trump presidency. However, I've also noticed that after filling my head with YouTube video after YouTube video of CNN, MSNBC, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and others reporting or satarizing the train wreck unfolding in the USA, I feel the negativity in my cells, and the lack of motivation, joy or manifestation in my life. Periodically, I would wean myself from watching this crap, and then eventually I'd fall off the wagon and start binge watching again. As of February 1st, I have decided to forego all things Trump, cold turkey. I know this is the right thing to do for myself. I'm excited to see what great things come to me this month, as I remove the negative emotion Trump news evokes in me, and allow more positive thoughts in. Test this for yourself: observe how you feel after watching the news versus watching a funny or uplifting video online.

Here's another personal example of how thoughts affect your health and wellbeing: As some of you know, in addition to being a Reflexologist, I also have a desk job. I used to work at a desk fulltime, with 2 hours of commuting, which equaled a whole lot of sitting--approximately 10 hours per day. So when I got home in the evenings, I refused to sit. Nowadays I work at my desk job 2 days a week. Mind you, I'm not a sloth. I do walk every day--outside or on the treadmill--and throw in exercise moves periodically throughout the day. Right up until last night, however, I firmly held the belief that my heavy legs, stiff body, tight shoulders, and sore lower back are due to my desk job and commute. This is a refrain I repeated constantly and with absolute certainty for years. However, it occurred to me this morning that, among all my desk-job colleagues, I am the only person sounding off about how sitting is adversely affecting my body. So, when I got out of bed this morning, I gave myself a stern but loving talking to. I told myself that I have the power to change this belief! My cells are responding to my thoughts and my words. I realized that I have been creating these aches and pains by affirming so vehemently that they are due to "all the sitting I do". I reminded myself of something I already know, but sometimes forget: If you don't want it, stop talking about it! So I am.

Dear friends, lovingly take care of yourselves. You deserve to feel good. It is your birthright. Fill your mind, body and soul with thoughts and things that please you. Self love and worthiness is the equivalent of health. You can start a daily habit of saying to yourself, I love and accept myself exactly as I am right now. Say it over and over every day until you believe it. Remember, your cells are always listening.

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