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Why Caffeine Makes You Poop

Coffee moves things because coffee stimulates your adrenals.

Caffeine makes your adrenals dump epinephrine into your bloodstream.

Epinephrine is fight or flight.

And you have to poo while you’re either getting killed or you’re running from someone trying to kill you.

When you get scared out of your mind, you sh*t your pants; you pee your pants.

The reason why you pee and poo your pants when you get scared to death is because that’s an adrenal reaction to empty you so you can have more ability to fight and run.

Someone comes to attack you, you need to evacuate.

Animals in the wild eliminate everything inside of them.

If a wolf chases a deer, the deer will empty out its entire innards. All the deer poop will go flying out of the deer as it's running. It’s fight or flight.

We have it too. When you drink caffeine, you’ve told your adrenals "We’re fight or flight. You’re either going to kill or be killed or run".

So coffee, all that caffeine, makes the adrenals go, “Oh my gosh, there’s a problem! I’ve got to go to the bathroom now. I’ve got to do my bowel movement."

Caffeine’s a poison too. And poisons need to be eliminated.

~Transcribed from Medical Medium on Instagram~


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