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Smoothies are my happy drink, my "soup of the day", my "GimmieGimmie!" In case you don't know, those are all references used to describe coffee.

I feel sluggish without my smoothie, and for good reason. I pack it full of fruit and veg, and send that easily digestible, nourishing liquid gold straight to each and every cell of my body.

Here's how today's concoction came together:

The raw materials

Beautiful fresh kale from my garden

Pack it in. Don't forget the water.

Frozen pineapple and frozen banana. I buy a whole pineapple and cut it up myself for freezing. I haven't actually done the math, but for some reason I believe this is cheaper than buying frozen pineapple chunks.

It's peach season y'all, so fresh peaches in a smoothie is kind of a no-brainer. A sprinkling of cinnamon (for heart health) and fresh mint leaves from the backyard.

Blend. Friends, I've had a love-hate relationship with this blender, but I'll do a separate blog post about that some other time.

Love this colour!

My cells are smiling :)


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