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I bow to the God within you.

The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you.

The light in me honours the light in you.

Namaste is a beautiful sentiment most commonly expressed in the West at the end of a yoga class. It came into standard use in English as recently as the mid 20th century. However, this Sanskrit word is commonly used as a form of greeting, acknowledgement, respect, or appreciation on a daily basis in India, Nepal, Bengladesh and other parts of Asia. (Sanskrit is the language of Hinduism). The action conveys the same message, even if the word Namaste is not uttered.

Anjali Mudra refers to the prayer position of the hands when making the Namaste gesture. However, Anjali Mudra is not meant to convey religious prayer. Instead, the pose is meant to symbolize and celebrate the present moment.

This simple, yet deeply loving gesture is an acknowledgment of one another's souls, and the equality of all. It is a positive energy exchange that is meant to form a spiritual connection between the participants.

The feeling and spiritual connection associated with Namaste is what I strive to create during a reflexology session. It is always my approach to provide for you a peaceful and connected state of being, with full presence. To that end, I'm building a Namaste wall in my reflexology space to honour you and your higher self. Here's the first installment.

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