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Gurgles, Rumbles and Toots

Indigestion: the uncomfortable inability or difficulty in digesting food.

We've all experienced the symphony of the stomach; the dairy-air from our derriere; the rumblies in our tumblies, as Winnie the Pooh would say.

Tips that help with digestive upsets:

1. Avoid dairy

2. Don't drink with meals, as doing so dilutes digestive enzymes in the stomach.

3. Have a cup of peppermint tea after a meal, especially if you've over-indulged.

4. Make and drink a glass of homemade ginger ale: drop 2 or 3 small chunks of fresh ginger into a glass of sparkling water, let sit for a few minutes, sip.

5. Chew a papaya enzyme tablet. Find them in the vitamin and supplements area of grocery stores.

6. Go for a postprandial (after dinner) walk.

6. Book and attend a reflexology treatment.

Here's how reflexology helps with the digestive process:

1. Relaxes smooth muscles, like the ones that make up the stomach and intestines.

2. Encourages digestive enzyme production and release.

3. Stimulates spinal nerves to aid digestion.

4. Encourages absorption of nutrients and water.

5. Promotes peristaltic movement of waste through the intestinal tract.

A happy digestive system -- one that is functioning well -- just feels good. And we all want to feel good, right?

You can book an appointment directly on the website, or call, text, or email.

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